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What Is Turnover Rate Turnover rate is a calculation of the number of employees who have left the company and it is expressed as a percentage of the total number of employees.

Although turnover rate is usually calculated and reported as a percentage per year it can be for different periods. By definition, psychological contract has been stated as “a set of unwritten reciprocal expectations between an individual employee and the organisation” (Schein, ) and “ the perceptions of the two parties, employee and employer, of what their mutual obligations are towards each other” (Guest and Conway, ).

The labor theory of value (LTV) is a theory of value that argues that the economic value of a good or service is determined by the total amount of "socially necessary labor" required to produce it, rather than by the use or pleasure its owner gets from it (demand) and its scarcity value (supply).

It does not say that the value of a commodity is determined by the actual amount of labor. Essay on Literature Review on Employment/Labour Turnover; Essay on Literature Review on Employment/Labour Turnover. More about Essay on Literature Review on Employment/Labour Turnover. Literature Review and Empirical Evidence Words | 5 Pages; Without Oil Essays.

Essays; Employee Turnover in Egypt; Whilst their literature points to the fact that labour turnover can have a negative impact on organization’s performance, it is not everyone who will abide by that idea and as such part of the literature will examine what causes employee turnover and the impact it has on organizations.

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